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Quality provides safety
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HCR-Heinrich Cremer GmbH

Oppelner Straߟe 37
D-41199 Mönchengladbach

Phone: + 49 2166/964900
Fax: + 49 2166/9649053
E-mail: info@hcr.de

Whether machine cover, telescopic cover or Cleartec -€“ safety and availability are the key objectives.

The requirements for the protection of machines and operators are always individual. Consequently, the majority of our solutions and products are tailor-made. Whichever product or solution you may require for your machine protection -€“ all of our solutions are distinguished by optimised function, reliable technology and high manufacturing quality.

In order to achieve these results economically, a systematic approach is indispensable. With competent planners and designers, with skilled employees in production and logistics. And finally, also with experienced fitters on site.