Cleartec® centrifugal wiper

See clearly at any time with Cleartec®

The coolant systems that are required today for the high performance in machining, provide sufficient cooling in workpiece machining, but they also almost always obstruct the vision.

The solution to this problem is called Cleartec®. This centrifugal wiper provides for clear visibility without much effort. The principle: We use the pressure of existing compressed air to propel the rotating disk. Due to inertial force, the splashing coolant drops are immediately ejected out of the line of vision.

Do you need a better view?

The special drive developed by us ensures the greatest possible visibility. Whether as standard equipment or for retrofitting – Cleartec® gives you more insight.

From new production of a machine cladding to retrofitting – we would be pleased to advise you on our centrifugal wiper. Mr Kretzschmar will be happy to advise you and looks forward to hearing from you.

Richard Gabriel

+49 21 66 / 96 490 42