Emergency station

Safety for man and machine is our central field of activity. But the safety concept does not stop there. With the emergency station, we have created a solution that combines occupational safety, emergency equipment and important information in an emergency.

Central security for your operation

The highly visible emergency station, equipped with siren and light, is the central emergency point for your company. It keeps everything handy for a quick response in case of emergency, such as a fire extinguisher, emergency telephone and first aid kit. But also holds products for occupational safety, e.g. hearing protection.

The emergency station is manufactured at our location in Mönchengladbach and was awarded the German Youth Health and Safety Award.

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Notfallsäule mit Sirene
Notfallsäule mit Feuerlöscher
Notfallsäule von HCR
Notfallsäule mit Defibrillator in Produktionshalle
Notfallsäule mit Sirene
Notfallsäule mit Feuerlöscher
Notfallsäule in Produktionshalle
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