Machine cladding

Machine cladding, together with telescopic covers , is the focus of ‘machine protection’ at HCR. True to our motto ‘Quality provides reassurance‘, we design, construct, manufacture and assemble machine cladding that reliably protects man and machine.

Protection for man and machine

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your machine cladding? Our solutions for the best possible machine protection are made in Germany – you can rely on our quality.

Thanks to our flexible production and operating equipment, there are virtually no limits to the size of machine cladding.

Our machine cladding’s area of application ranges from machining centres of all sizes to the machine housing of the largest process engineering systems. Examples of application areas of our cladding include lathes, CNC machining centres, machine tools and plastics technology.

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3D-Konstruktion einer Maschinenverkleidung

Individually tailored to your machine

If possible, we would like to thoroughly integrate our machine cladding into the machine or system in order to ensure the best possible protection and user-friendliness.

Therefore, all functional units, such as loading hatches, extraction systems, cooling circuit, and disposal in the machine protection and system concept are taken into account right from the start. Also structures, doors, windows, and security mechanisms are integrated. Therefore, we are happy to assist you in the planning phase of your machine.

Of course we will also consider your wishes in the aspects of design, surface treatment and colour. We will even implement custom specifications, such as increased  sound insulation.

As a system supplier of machine protection, we are well versed in the different requirements. We look forward to your enquiry.

Our cladding provides

accident protection

sound insulation

splash protection

What type of machine cladding do you need?

What goals and tasks do you foresee in the area of machine cladding? Is it about sound insulation or protection against chips or tool splinters?

Whether you need a small or large machine housing, talk to us about your needs and we will work together to find a suitable solution for you.

Markus Blank

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