Maintenance and service

Of course our service does not stop after commissioning the machine protection. We will gladly take over maintenance and are quickly available on site for repairs.

Maintenance for your safety

Machine protection today is a natural part of machine functionality and requires a proactive maintenance strategy. This is the only way to ensure continuous protection and durability. Maintenance intervals and maintenance services depend heavily on the individual circumstances. We are happy to advise you.

Use our maintenance services to optimise and supplement your own service concepts.

Einblick in die Fertigung bei HCR
Teleskopabdeckung zur Wartung

Maintenance and repair

In case of signs of wear or possible damage, we ensure seamless repair or possibly necessary new manufacture. Failure of a machine due to damage causes high costs and hinders your production. We react swiftly and flexibly, so that people and machines can quickly work fully protected again.

Of course, we also offer repairs on all types of telescopic covers. This also applies to third-party products.

Are you in need of maintenance or repairs?

We are happy to advise you on maintenance intervals. Has a part been damaged or worn? Contact us and we will arrange for replacement or repair as soon as possible!

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